Your partner for structural engineering.

We are specialized in design and optimization of complex structures. Our activities focus on the aerospace, offshore and heavy mechanical industry.

Preparing drawings is one part of a design.  The most important part is how to make sure your design is thorough and without construction failures. This also includes the procedure how to lift and to install it.

If you are looking for an effective design approach from concept to detail design, certified according to international standards, AeroMech Support is your partner. We are an independent company.

A well thought-out design can prevent accidents such as below

FEA Post processing

Post processing of Finite Element Analyses data is for many people a black box process. A 'long' time the engineer can be busy with spread sheets and other mathematical programs like Mathcad or Mathlab before a readable report is produced. To speed-up this process Aeromech Support makes use of the FEMDS.COM software for post processing large finite element models. This reduces the engineering time to post process the finite element analyses results and increases the effectiveness of the engineer.

Our specialisms

We have gained our experience in aerospace, offshore and heavy mechanical industry. For structural design, we have an overview of what is necessary from start to end. We have experience in:

  • Structures engineering;
  • Lifting and handling of structures;
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics;
  • Reinforced fibre plastics design;
  • Post buckling behaviour;
  • Vibration analyses;
  • Impact analyses.


Knowledge Based Engineering

Nowadays knowledge based engineering (KBE) is becoming more necessary to cut down valuable engineering time. Sophisticated computer programs need a lot of mouse clicks to come to a final result. KBE is the tool to reduce mouse clicks, automate repetitive calculations which finally leads to a reduction of engineering time. Aeromech Support can help to cut-down valuable engineering time by automation of repetitive engineering tasks.


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