FEA Post processing

Post processing of Finite Element Analyses data is for many people a black box process. A 'long' time the engineer can be busy with spread sheets and other mathematical programs like Mathcad or Mathlab before a readable report is produced. To speed-up this process Aeromech Support makes use of the FEMDS.COM software for post processing large finite element models. This reduces the engineering time to post process the finite element analyses results and increases the effectiveness of the engineer.

We have been specialized to streamline the post processing activities by:

  1. Assisting management with all that is needed to certify a construction.
  2. Developing in house computer applications to speed up post processing of large finite element models.

What is meant by “post processing”?

For a simple explanation, let’s assume that the analysis path can be split into 3 phases as sketched below:

For analysis, the design phase is where the first FE model is created and the reporting phase consists of writing of the certification reports. The optimization phase is where the actual analysis work is done. It consists of calculating the actual strength of the structure; updating the FE model with the new geometric dimensions and then calculating and analysing the new FE results again. This process goes on until the geometry of the structure satisfies all of the requirements. This iterative process is also called the “post processing” phase.

Some post processing activities can be performed by the FE package itself, e.g. the calculation of the Von Mises stress. However, for non-linear behaviour like buckling, this can be a time consuming job, especially, when a lot of different loading conditions need to be considered.

Therefore, AeroMech Support can assist with relevant, simple software solutions that will result in less post processing time.