Knowledge Based Engineering

Nowadays knowledge based engineering (KBE) is becoming more necessary to cut down valuable engineering time. Sophisticated computer programs need a lot of mouse clicks to come to a final result. KBE is the tool to reduce mouse clicks, automate repetitive calculations which finally leads to a reduction of engineering time. Aeromech Support can help to cut-down valuable engineering time by automation of repetitive engineering tasks.

AeroMech Support assists in the development of dedicated software.

Also engineering activities consist of a lot of repetitive tasks that could be automated. It is up to the engineer to recognize these repetitions and to develop tricks to minimize them and to accelarate the work flow. In many times this is done by developing Excel sheets, which also can be used by colleague engineers. To bring this way of working to a more professional level, it would be a breakthrough if these 'temporary' sheets can be developed to a more robust automation level, by development of dedicated software.

AeroMech Support can assist in the development of dedicated software tools such that it reduces engineering lead time and improves the output quality.

AeroMech Support speeds-up your FEA post-processing activities.

With the tools of FEMDS.COM we are able to analyse structures if they comply with the international standards of today.  FEA models are the ideal world where everything is straight and without tolerances.  This doesn't represent the real world. This is why Eigen value calculations are only an estimation and can't be used for certification purposes. A check of your structure needs to be performed according to international standards like DNV, ABS, Eurocode, API and AISC.

AeroMech Support can assist with structures engineering.

As a specialist in structural engineering we know the importance to synchronize the disciplines for analysis and design.  Since it is sometimes difficult to keep both disciplines synchronized and since specialists for analysis of structures are rarer in the market, we can temporarily assist with the analysis part of the construction.

We can assist at the initial concept design phase but also at the end of the detailed engineering phase.  The figure below shows the overlap in projects.  The peak work flow is always at the end of a project which in many times coincide with the start of a new project.

Figure 1: Discipline time needed during a project

To have an optimal start at the beginning of the project it is most ideal that analysis and design start at the same time. The above schedule shows the lack of analysis support in the 2nd project. Since senior analysis engineers for specific disciplines are rare in the market, the 2nd project starts with a handicap. This finally results in inefficient engineering hours, which is in fact a loss of profit.

AeroMech Support highly promotes the synchronization of design and analysis; to start and stop at the same time. We can offer solutions to shorten the reporting phase by creating report outputs during the optimization phase.