Ed's laminator; how we do it.

AeroMech developed the program “Ed’s laminator”, which helps the structural engineer to optimize composite laminates. It is a very powerful tool to save post processing time.

Ed’s laminator is based upon the classical laminate theory.  However, the failure criterion is based on “first ply failure” and is the lowest reserve factor (or unity check) of the following criteria:

  1. Tsai-Wu criterion;
  2. Fibre failure;
  3. Laminate failure: Open hole tension (OHT) and compression after impact (CAI) values.

Ed’s laminator can work with more than one loadcase. Therefore, the calculated reserve factor is the lowest of all calculated loadcases.

Within “Ed’s laminator” you can:

  1. Compose a laminate;
  2. Calculate laminate properties;
  3. Calculate the most critical element for all loadcases;
  4. Optimize the laminate.

The following diagram shows how “Ed’s laminator” can optimize a design.

The following figure gives an impression how the program looks like.

The result tables are generated as .csv files and can be read by, for example, MS Excel.